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Something a little bit different

Austin Healey 100-6S BN4 being enjoyed on tour at The Dornier Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany

The Austin Healey is born Donald Healey started his working life as an engineering apprentice with Sopworth, the aircraft manufacturer. The Sopworth Aviation Company was based in Kingston-Upon-Thames, at Brooklands . In 1907 Brooklands was the world’s first purpose built banked racing circuit as well as one of Britain’s first airfields. By 1918 it had become Britain’s largest aircraft …

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Part 3 – Paintwork, Engine & Completion

Paint colour dilemmas - Charlie and Bill made the final choice decisions - light duck egg blue for the engine

Restoration of NUE 854 -Paintwork, Engine and Completion By Chris Dixon I was asked by Bill Rawles Classic Cars if I could put a few words together about my car. I purchased the first right hand drive Austin Healey 100 BN1, NUE 854, built Feb-Mar 1953 at the Healey Warwick Works. In 2014, the car was …

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Part 2 – The Restoration Continues

Part 2 - The restoration at Bill Rawles Classic Cars took grom August 2014 to August 2015

Part 2 – NUE 854 Restoration at Bill Rawles Classic Cars By Chris Dixon This is part 2 of the story of the restoration of my Healey NUE 854. Part 1 – A Story of Restoration can be found under MORE in the Blog section on this website. The restoration at Bill Rawles Classic Cars took from …

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Part 1 – A Story of Restoration

The story of NUE 854

 Part 1 – A Story of Restoration at Bill Rawles Classic Cars The First Right Hand Drive Austin Healey 100 BN1 NUE 854 by Chris Dixon NUE 854 and its first Owner I guess we all must know that in 1952 Donald Healey conceived a new sports-car: the revolutionary Healey 100. History records so famously his …

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Commissioning a nut and bolt Re-manufactured Austin Healey 100S

Summer 2015 Austin Healey 100S Re-manufactured to original Factory Spec is on the road and being enjoyed

The second Article written by the owner of this 100S The owner of the re-manufactured Austin Healey 100s built by Bill Rawles classic Cars put pen to paper to create a blog for our web page. His creative writing produced two articles for us to choose from. Liking both pieces, it was hard to choose which …

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