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We won't try to convince you why Bill Rawles Classic Cars is the best place to upgrade your Healey, our race cars speak for themselves with reliability and performance developed on the race tracks of Europe and technology filtered down into our road cars.

Do you really need modern alternatives? If you consider, during the Spa 6 Hours our race cars are on the limit for the full 6 Hours of racing, 6,500 rpm every lap, 2,280 gear changes, over 500 miles of racing, 2 fuel stops. Every lap the car is stopping from 130 mph to 58 mph at the end of the Kemmel Straight and to finish this grueling race many times, it is a wonder why one would need to remove original components and replace with modern alternatives, especially in a road car. Our race cars are built to FIA standard, only using what was available in period.

As well as numerous club racing wins, Bill Rawles Classic Cars machinery has also had notable success at national and international events such as: Spa 3 hours Class winners, 4th Overall. Spa 6 hours Class winners, 16th Overall. Castle Combe Autumn Classic, Winners. Zandvoort, Runners Up. Lap records at Zandvoort and Portimao.

Improve performance

Engine, transmission and final drive upgrades

Our popular fast road conversion takes technology developed in our race cars on the track, tamed and refined for road use. This will vastly improve the performance of your Healey without destroying the soul or making the car difficult to live with. This is not to be mistaken for competition or race upgrades.

Engine:- Full rebuild to fast road spec with optional steel crank and rods. Parts include but are not limited to - Fast road cam, fast road head, aluminum sump, omega pistons and bucket followers.
Gearbox:- Rebuilt with straight cut tulip or Sebring ratios, up rated competition overdrive.
Final drive:- exchange unit 3.54 ratio limited slip differential.

Recommended as a full package but available individually. Engine BHP lifted with an option to increase steering response with a high ratio steering box. Full running gear package from £22,000 and individual items available and priced separately, contact for details.
There are many options and we can discuss your requirements to build the best package to suit you, please contact us with no obligation to discuss any details, individual units or specific details. These units can be supplied fitted and tuned to your vehicle or in crate form.

100 to 100 'M' spec upgrade

Upgrade your standard 100 to M Spec and bring your 4 cylinder Healey alive. Around 640 'factory' cars were built and a further 500 'dealer fit' cars were converted. The upgrade to M spec is very involved and isn't just a case of a louvred bonnet and strap! M Spec pistons, cam shaft, fitted and colour matched louvred bonnet, strap, 1"3/4 SU's with M spec inlet manifold and cold air box. BN1's have up-rated roll bars and stiffer suspension. We will also fit M spec aluminum cylinder head. In most cases, this conversion results in a full engine rebuild. The full M Spec conversion from Bill Rawles Classic Cars, prices from £13,500.

Improve Reliability

If you're an enthusiast looking for some basic upgrades to improve your Healey we would recommend starting with a negative earth conversion, 12v plug socket for sat nav or charging (optional), fitment of a high torque starter motor, alternator conversion, spin on filter kit, solid state fuel pump, 5 blade plastic fan and our up-rated core radiator. This will give you more reliability, especially whist driving at night, the car will turn over and start easier and engine oil filtration will be improved. The 5 blade fan and up rated core rad will almost guarantee trouble free driving during the hot summer months. We would not recommend a kenlow fan as a replacement. Reliability can be vastly improved from £500 to £2,500. - Contact us for full details.

Improve Visibility

Improve your night driving and safety with our LED side light kit or Halogen head light upgrade. We will also replace your side lights to our unique package which enables earlier cars with single side lights to have LED front and rear combined yellow and red side, brake and indicator lights, also available for all classic cars.

Improve Interior

Improve the cabin of your classic with the addition of seat belts, moto-lita steering wheel, 12v power plug and LED back lit gauges. If you would like to add a personal touch, tidy ups and or full interior re trim are also available as well as custom trim work, almost anything is possible.

Two Tone Paint

Should you have a 'solid' colour Healey and would like to add a two tone side, please get in touch to discuss the options. Or vise versa, two tone can be easily painted single tone.

Wheel & Tyre packages

Wheels and tyres can completely change the look of the car. We can offer a range of tyres and sizes as well as wheels for all classic cars in painted or chrome. We also stock vredestein tyres for same day fitting. Fast road or track day, we recommend Avon ZZ.

Windscreen & Mirrors

If you're wanting upgrades to visibility, we can offer replacement windscreens in standard or heated element. Improve safety with door mirrors, (in a range of styles).

'Works' Rally Upgrades

'Works' wing vents, spot light pods, side exit exhaust, spot lights, hard top, mini light style wheels and spare wheel boot lid. Matched perfectly with our fast road or competition spec.

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