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Prior to any paint preparation, metalwork is the most time consuming phase of the job. The body will be cut, stretched, shrunk, coined and panel beaten until all of the shut lines and swage lines are correct. The car will be fitted up in bare metal and checked over before moving to the next phase.

The next job will be to disassemble the car and etch prime and paint inside all of the panels before final refitting of wings and wing beading to the car.

Bodywork preparation

Once the car has been reassembled with the inner wings painted and beading installed, the car is primed in high build. The primer is flatted back as required and if any imperfections are found, they are corrected. The vehicle is then put into our booth, masked up and coated in DP40 epoxy primer closely followed by the top coats of coloured paint.

To find out more about metalwork and restoration, please take a look at the restoration overview on the workshop and facilities page.


All of our cars are painted on-site in our booth and oven. The car will be painted and baked in a controlled environment to ensure the best finish. We use the latest technology combined with traditional techniques. Although we specialise in classic cars from the '50s & '60s we can repair and paint any classic, modern or prestige vehicle.

To find out more about the other facilities available, follow the link below.

Other Facilities Available

Flat and Polishing

To take the car to the next level from paint gun finish to the standard we are known for, the paint will be flatted and polished.
This consists of flatting back the paintwork until it is dull, starting with 1500-grit paper, then 3000- and to finish 6000-grit paper before a full machine polish.

Restoration Overview

Localised repairs

If you've knocked your car or scratched a wing we can carry out a localised repair. Give us a call, it is usually a straightforward repair and we can colour-match the paint so you'd never know.

Accident Repairs

We’ve seen it all before and we will unfortunately see it again but if you are unlucky enough to have an accident, we will be able to help. We can work with both insurance companies and privately to restore the car to its former glory.

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Full Respray

There are many options when it comes to repainting your car. A full respray would have to go back to bare metal for us to be able to guarantee a lasting finish but it is also possible to repaint the car without going all the way back to bare metal, if it is a case of tidying up older paint or you want to give your pride and joy a freshen up, we would be happy to discuss the options with you on the phone or in person.

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