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Can I Buy Phentermine Online Yahoo Answers

Coffee Cars & Cakes 2017 Dates

Online Doctor Prescribe Phentermine - Buy Phentermine Pills Cheap

In 2012 we had the idea to start a monthly classic car coffee morning centred at our workshop, which at this point was located behind our house. Year on year the event has grown in popularity and in 2016 we were overwhelmed with the support that you gave to our gatherings. A huge thank you to everyone who came and gave so generously to our charity pots.


Phentermine Paypal Buy

2016 saw a record number of visitors enjoying our Saturday Morning Natters & Nibbles


2017 is our sixth year of Natters & Nibbles also known as Bill’s Sunday Morning Classic Cars Cakes & Coffee. Being a small family business we never forget that people and their cars are at the centre of it. We like to make our visitors feel very welcome and anyone who visits our workshop knows the kettle is always on! As part of our extended hospitality we started our coffee mornings. The thinking behind this idea was to provide a destination to drive out to, meet other classic car enthusiasts and to enjoy an informal, casual, lively, fun morning. With our strong family values we have created a gathering that provides something for everyone; Male or female, young or old you have told us that you love our Natters & Nibbles!

Buy Phentermine Au




We provide the refreshments. We have a fantastic display of cakes and sweet treats and early arrivals may even get a bacon sandwich. All we ask is that you make a donation into one of our chosen charity pots. Last year, thanks to your generosity we raised over £900 for the Alton, Petersfield & District Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Is It Legal To Buy Phentermine Online Australia

2017 Natters & Nibbles is at our new workshop – GU34 5EN

For 2017 we have made a few changes. We have moved from a Saturday morning to a Sunday morning. We have also changed location from our home address to our new workshop. The new workshop has ample hardstanding and covered space which is more able to cope when the British weather lets us down.

Maybe make our coffee morning the start to your day out?

Phentermine 37.5 Cheapest Online

Jane Austen’s House & Museum at Chawton


Our new workshop is situated right by theCan I Buy Phentermine At Walmart, with regular steam trains passing right by our front door. A short stroll up to the station and standing on the platform will transform you back in time.

Buy Phentermine Pills

Situated close to the summit of “the Alps”, Medstead & Four Marks is the highest station in Southern England.  It is a typical country station and it is smaller and more peaceful than the other stations along the line.

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Cheap

The Mid Hants Railway website informs us “The station building has been completely restored from the shell it had become in the 1970’s and now houses a period booking office.  The waiting room on the opposite platform contains an exhibition illustrating the history and transformation of the station. The footbridge offers a grandstand view of trains working hard up the long, straight 1 in 60 gradient from Ropley.

The Railway’s Permanent Way, Signals and Telegraphs and Building Departments are based in the former goods yard and this is also one of the Wagon Group restoration bases”


Real Phentermine Online 2014

Austin Healey 100S parked at Medstead & Four Marks Watercress Line Railway Station


If after visiting our coffee morning you are still wondering how to spend the rest of the day, then why not take the opportunity to see some of the attractions in the area. We are surrounded by many places to go and see and some great walks too. Maybe you could take a drive into the beautiful  countryside, taking in the South Downs, the New Forest or the coast. There are several Phentermine Pills Buy Online on our doorstep, as well as Phentermine Where To Buy Uk in the village of Chawton. The larger towns of Farnham and Winchester are also worth a visit as is the pretty, small market town of Alresford. We can also recommend  a large selection of pubs, restaurants and tea rooms if more refreshments are required.

Can I Buy Phentermine In Stores

The pretty market town of Alresford offers pubs, shops and tea rooms to visit


A few more details

Our mornings also give you a chance to see our workshop, see what we do and chat to our very friendly team. You might have a pressing question you need answered; a technical issue, a restoration problem, or a tuning difficulty. Perhaps you would like to have a chat regarding car sales or you are a motorsport fan and would like to find out about where and when we will be racing this year? Whatever your reason for coming we would love to see you and your car.

We specialise in Classic British Cars and have the facilities to carryout all work required on these vehicles; from servicing, safety & MOT checks, restoration, fabrication, engine rebuilds and gearbox overhauls.

Phentermine Canada Buy



Sunday April 30th 2017

Sunday May 21st 2017

Sunday June 11th 2017

Sunday July 23rd 2017

Sunday August 27th 2017

Sunday September 24th 2017



The new Bill Rawles Classic Cars Workshop

Unit 2, Dukes Mill, Station Approach, Medstead, Alton, Hants, GU34 5EN (located right by the Four Marks & Medstead Railway station – Legitimate Phentermine Online 2013)

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Uk


10 til 1

What are our 2017 Charities?

Can I Buy Adipex At Walmart

Buy Phentermine And B12

Buy Adipex Weight Loss Pills

Buy Phentermine Using Paypal– A fellow Ginetta Junior Racer with Jack Rawles who on Sunday 16th April 2017 suffered life changing injuries in an F4 car at Donington Park, after being involved in one of the most horrific crashes Motorsport has seen

Phentermine Where To Buy In Canada

Jack Rawles & Billy Monger back in 2014 racing in the Ginetta Junior Championship









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