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01420 564343

Buy Adipex Alternative - Buy Adipex Online Uk

Can I Buy Phentermine Online Yahoo Answers

2014 Austin Healey Sprint and Hill Climb Challenge – Goodwood

Buy Adipex Alternative - Buy Adipex Online Uk

The 2015 Sprint and Hill Climb Challenge is a 13 round championship series. It has two classes with over 20 entrants. The Big Healey class is sponsored by Bill Rawles Classic Cars Ltd. TheSprite class is sponsored by Phentermine Paypal Buy. In addition to the class awards, Buy Phentermine Au sponsors the award for the overall Sprint and Hill Climb champion.

Test Day April 09th 2015 Curborough

  • Round 01 – Apr 19th 2015 – Gurston Down
  • Round 02 – May 09th 2015 – Goodwood
  • Round 03 – Jun 14th 2015 – Anglesey
  • Round 04 – Jun 21st 2015 – Silverstone
  • Round 05 – Jul 19th 2015 – Shelsley Walsh
  • Round 06 – Jul 25th 2015 – Castle Combe
  • Round 07 – Aug 01st 2015 – Harewood
  • Round 08 – Aug 02nd 2015 – Harewood
  • Round 09 – Aug 08th 2015 – Loton Park
  • Round 10 – Sep 12th 2015 – Wiscombe Park
  • Round 11 – Sep 13th 2015 – Gurston Down
  • Round 12 – Sep 20th 2015 – Curborough
  • Round 13 – Oct 04th 2015 – Prescott

Buy Adipex Alternative - Buy Adipex Online Uk

Congratulations to last years winners:-

Class A Sprites

  1. Murray Wakeham
  2. Paul Baker
  3. Joe Mackrell

Class B Big Healeys

  1. Trish Cecile-Pritchard
  2. Richard Mason
  3. Derek Job

Overall Championship winner was awarded to Murray Wakeham

For further information and to keep abreast of the championship points and reports please take a look at Is It Legal To Buy Phentermine Online Australia


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