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01420 564343

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The recreation of an Austin Healey 100S  has been an exciting project for everyone involved
























In April 2012 Bill Rawles Classic Cars was approached to embark on a customer commission for an Austin Healey 100S recreation. The project has been running now for nearly 2 years and it is due for completion this year. We have been fortunate to have access to an original Austin Healey 100S to regularly call upon to make sure that along every step of the way we are recreating a replica. The level of skill and precision that a project of this calibre takes means that it has been a very labour and time intensive process in order to recreate such a special classic car.


Phentermine Yellow Capsules To Buy

Bill & Jack Rawles having the privilege to put an Austin Healey 100S through its paces at Knockhill during the 4th European Austin Healey meet in 2013



What was our customer’s inspiration? The Austin Healey 100S is probably one of the most sought after models of the Healey. The 100S is a real head turner, with beautiful lines making this a neat, pretty, iconic British sports car that was built for speed and ultimately to perform on the  race track. For a lot of Healey enthusiasts this would be their dream car. Since its inception, in the 1950s, the Austin Healey “100” had a number of successful competition results both in its standard and modified forms. The “100” model went through a series of engine and brake developments, including the inclusion of disc brakes.

The cars were tested in a variety of events such as the Sebring Grand Prix where the  Austin Healey won its class and came 3rd in the general classification. This success gave the “100” car its title “S” for Sebring.

The prototypes of the “100S” were further developed in the 1950s, achieving  the highest average speed of a 5 litre car of 132mph over 24 hours and a mean speed of 143.13 mph over the measured mile thus resulting in a certificate of performance being issued by the American Automobile Association.  A further two years of development work on the Austin Healey 100S produced a car which offered the highest performance sports car available in its price range in its day. So the Austin Healey 100S was born and went on to be assembled and road tested in the racing department of the Austin Healey factory in Warwick. To add to its prestige and desirability it is not known exactly how many were produced but it is suggested that there was not many more than 50. With all these factors in mind it probably explains why the Austin Healey 100S has increased its financial value and held on to its respect and notability amongst classic car enthusiasts.


Can I Buy Phentermine Online Yahoo Answers

Entering the final stages of recreation – tub painted and ready for fitting up























To see our photographic record of this Austin Healey 100S recreation please take a look at our three photo albums on our Phentermine Paypal Buy

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