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Phentermine Yellow Capsules To Buy
01420 564343
Austin Healey

Phentermine Online Blog, Buying Phentermine In The Uk

Bill Rawles has over 30 years experience
restoring and repairing classic cars.

Join Our Thriving Community!

Classic Car Restoration

Bill Rawles has been involved with classic cars for over 30 years, having founded the largest Austin Healey workshop in Southern England and established the name around the world.

He sold this very successful business in 2007 to set up Bill Rawles Classic Cars Ltd. This new venture caters for all makes of Classics and has Bill firmly at the helm with a wealth of experience, knowledge and strong skill structure. Quality control is of the upmost importance and attention to detail essential. Bill has been involved in Historic Motorsport for over 15 years and has campaigned his Austin Healey 3000 to many podium places. Race and Rally preparation and support including transportation is available.

Classic Car Services

We offer a full restoration service on all types of Classic Cars, specialising in Austin Healey.

Restoration takes many forms, from minor rust repairs to a full strip down and re-build. A mechanical restoration can include a full engine and transmission repair, diff reconditioning and lead free conversions.

Our facility caters for panel repairs and replacements, TIG, MIG and gas welding as well as lead loading and silver soldering. Our list of services include:

Engine & Running Gear

Phentermine Pills Buy Online