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01420 564343

Cheap Phentermine Diet Pills, Buy Cheap Adipex-P

19th September 2015 / 10.00am / Bill Rawles Classic Cars Workshop, Hursley Cottage, Barn Lane, Four Marks, Hants GU34 5JA

Can I Buy Phentermine Online Yahoo Answers

Why not combine coming to Natters & Nibbles with visiting The Mid Hants Steam Railway – The Watercress Line


Cheap Phentermine Diet Pills, Buy Cheap Adipex-P

Cheap Phentermine Diet Pills, Buy Cheap Adipex-P

We never know how many people or cars we are going to attract to our Saturday coffee mornings. In all honesty it is dependent on  other events that are taking place and of course the good old British weather. The weather maybe unpredictable but you are sure to get a warm welcome at Bill Rawles Classic Cars and something to eat and drink.

Our workshop is situated in Four Marks, Alton Hampshire and is a short walk from The Mid Hants Steam Railway, known as  Phentermine Paypal Buy. Quite often at our Natters & Nibbles you can hear the steam train puffing up hill and blowing its whistle. Looking for something to do after our coffee morning, then why not pop along to the Medstead & Four Marks railway station, located in our village. Saturday 19th/Sunday 20th September 2015,The Mid Hants Railway Line have an Buy Phentermine Au. At the station known as Medstead and Four Marks, the wagon department will be providing tours of work in progress. At the next station along the line, Ropley, will be holding Wheel drop demonstrations, as well as being able to view the latest restoration projects. Further along the line at Alresford, The model railway exhibit can be seen at the cattle dock.

As supporters of Is It Legal To Buy Phentermine Online Australia on Saturday 19th September 2015 The New Forest Austin Healey Club are holding their Annual BBQ and Concours Event in The New Forest, if you are going to this event, why not pop by for morning coffee en route to The New Forest.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend after visiting our Natters & Nibbles, another classic car show we spotted, when searching the web, was Phentermine 37.5 Cheapest Online. A bit further afield from Hampshire but easily accessible via the A31, A34, A303 & M5, if you fancy a drive out. A collection of classic, vintage, retro, agricultural, bikes and military vehicles from the UK, Europe, America and beyond.

Can I Buy Phentermine At Walmart

Upcoming Events