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01420 564343

Buy Adipex Cheap Online - Buy Phentermine Online Uk

21st November 2015 / 7.00pm / The Village Hotel, Swindon

Buy Adipex Cheap Online - Buy Phentermine Online Uk

Saturday 21st November 2015.

The Village Hotel, Swindon, SN5 7DW

Can I Buy Phentermine Online Yahoo Answers

The Healey Sport Presentation Dinner and Dance



Come and join the competitors and their cars for a great evening of food, wine, entertainment and dancing. An excuse to get out your glad rags, put on your dacing shoes, relax, have fun and socialise with a lively bunch of people.

Phentermine Paypal Buy is the motor sport centre of The Austin Healey Club UK which coordinates the classic racing, sprinting and hillclimbing activities in the UK and Internationally. Take a look at the Healey Sport website for all dates, fixtures, race reports, results and a photo gallery to support this active part of life with a Healey.

Bill Rawles Classic Cars has been sponors of the Healey Sport Sprint and Hillclimb Challenge for a number of years now and we are looking forward to going along to support, celebrate and recognise the efforts made by all the competitors in the 2015 Championship.

Bill Rawles Classic Cars also prepares and builds Healeys to compete in Motorsport events. This year we have had success with our own Austin Healey 3000, FSL 246 and the Austin Healey 3000, 3020 UE owned by David Grace. David Grace won both races at the recent Castle Combe 2015 Autumn Classic Event, The Healey Driver International Invitation Race. Jack Rawles managed a Pole position and a second place race finish in his first time out racing a Healey. We think that we can celebrate this achievement.

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Upcoming Events