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Austin Healey Sport Sprint & Hill Climb – Round 3

14th June 2015 / 9.00am / Anglesey


Anglesey Race Circuit beautifully set with a backdrop of the Irish Sea and Snowdonia Mountain range

Anglesey Race Circuit beautifully set with a backdrop of the Irish Sea and the Snowdonia Mountain range

Austin Healey & Sprite Championship Round 3

Anglesey Sunday 14th June 2015

Round 3 of The Austin Healey and Sprite sprint and hill climb challenge takes place on Sunday 14th June 2015 at  Anglesey Race Circuit. The track is set on the beautiful island of Anglesey, an island off the North West coast of Wales. The circuit is on the western coast of Anglesey and faces the Irish sea and the Snowdonia Mountain range.The location is breath taking and the circuit is exciting, challenging and entertaining.

Bill Rawles Classic Cars sponsors the Big Healey class of the championship, while Peter May Engineering sponsors the Sprite class. This weekends event is organised by The Midland Automobile Club.

After two rounds the standings for the Championship are as follows:

Class A: Sprites – Sponsored by Peter May Engineering

  1. 1st Kevin Rowe
  2. 2nd Steve Casson
  3. 3rd Simon Leeming

Class B: Big Healeys – Sponsored by Bill Rawles Classic Cars

  1. 1st Peter Walton
  2. 2nd Derek Job
  3. 3rd Paul Baker

To see the full results, all Healey motorsport events, pictures, in car video footage and how to get involved with motorsport please take a look at the Healey Sport Website


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