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01420 564343

Servicing & MoT

A service option to suit your needs...

A levels service includes but is not limited to;
Oil & filter change and grease nipples, visual check.

Full Service includes but is not limited to;
all of the above, check or renew plugs, check fan belt, brakes stripped inspected and adjusted, prop shaft check, hubs and steering linkage checked, wheels and tyres inspected, tappets, if required, tyre pressures gearbox and diff oil level and change if required, check exterior and interior lights and electrics.

MOT & Pre MOT inspection;
We provide a pre MOT inspection which covers the main points on the MOT and gives us a chance to rectify any issues before the test. Whilst an MOT is not mandatory for some classic cars our safety check should not be a substitute, we still recommend testing the car annually and some insurance companies may require a valid MOT, we can also provide an MOT test as part of the service.

Health check and inspection:
For any other reason than those listed above, if you require your vehicle to be checked over and inspected for any reason, please get in touch.

Wheels and Tyres

Road, fast road or motorsport, tyres are a real sticking point, we have it covered.

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current wheels or tyres we can recommend a range of options depending on the spec and use of your car, most wheels and tyres can be delivered and fitted same day or next day.
We recommend 185/R15 to be fitted to Healey road cars if possible, they can be a tight fit on some cars so we have a dummy wheel you can try on before purchase. If the 185 standard profile will not fit, the 185/70/R15 is a good option too, we can recommend and supply Vredestein, Avon, Michelin and Dunlop tyres, depending on your application. Call if you would prefer another brand or discuss your requirements. We also supply painted or chrome high quality wire or minlite style wheels.
*If you are stuck or en route to an event and require urgent change of tyre(s) please call the office as we stock tyres and may be able to help.*

Oils and Consumables

Use the products at home we use in the workshop

We are proud to use Castrol Oil for all servicing, we also stock Castrol products on our shelves should you need something for yourself in your garage at home, we offer a range of oils, greases, valve master and regalia. We do also stock Penrite oil should you want an alternative. We have a range of spare parts and consumables for your Healey maintenance available to buy.


Well used or unused? we can help...

Not to be confused with restoration, if your classic has become a little bit neglected or been off the road for a while, we specialise in bringing cars back up to scratch from frequent use or many years of sitting around, we will start with an initial inspection and advise the next steps to get the car running if required, we may need to recommission brakes, wheels, tyres and running gear to bring the car up to a roadworthy standard to get the car through an MoT. One thing is for sure, the car will be safe and able to be used once again.


Getting it right every time, it's not down to luck

Bill Rawles has been working on Healeys for over 30 years, from road, race and works cars, he has a vast knowledge of the marque, if you think your car would benefit from a tune up, call the office to book your car in on 01420 564343 or email info@rawlesclassiccars.co.uk

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Engine Rebuilds & Upgrades

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