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Don't worry, we have seen it all before...

Whatever state your car may be in at the moment, we will have a solution. It's amazing what can be salvaged, restored and repaired whilst keeping as many original parts as possible, it all takes just a bit of time and skill!


Charlie Rawles heads up our restoration and fabrication department and is proud to have all of our fabrication services carried out in house. Charlie manages a team of 4 fabrication engineers who produce and replace metalwork to the high standards we are known for. Using the latest equipment and facilities, nothing goes out the door without Charlie's seal of approval. We can repair or restore almost any section or remake if required, making sure every project is completed to the same high standard and attention to detail is really important to us. From wheeling to hard riveting, aluminium tig welding to steel MIG & spot welding, bead rolling, shrinking and stretching, we have it covered.

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Chassis and Sub-structure

Once the car has either been dipped or blasted, it will be clear what needs to be cut out and replaced. If replacement panels are not available, we will make the replacement required and weld in place leaving an almost invisible join.

Body work

Once the chassis has been restored, it will be time to fit the body. This is a notoriously difficult job, the body will be completely fitted up in bare metal to correct door gaps and swage lines before any paint preparation begins. Getting this stage right is essential and makes the paint prep much easier. To achieve the perfect body, the panels will be spliced, welded, shrunk and stretched to get it just right.

Preparation & Paint

Preparation for paint is a time-consuming process but the result will be second to none. Bill Rawles Classic Cars uses modern materials and techniques combined with traditional skill to prepare your vehicle for paint. Once it is ready, it will go into our spray booth and have 2-3 coats of primer before DP40 and top coat before coming out to be flat and polished.

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There is no substitute to hand made trim work. This is the only part of the process we do not do in-house, our trimmers produce authentic and original patterns as well as bespoke to your specification.

The finished article...

'Trusted to restore the history of Healey'
We are proud to have restored, amongst many others, NUE 854. The first ever RHD Austin Healey 100. This pre-production Healey had a complete nut and bolt restoration by Bill Rawles Classic Cars.

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