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01420 564343

Can I Buy Phentermine Online Yahoo Answers - Buy Phentermine 2015

Offered for sale, this competitive MGA race car built and campaigned by the current owner for many years, this MGA has all aluminium front and rear wings, floors, front valance ,transmission tunnel, rear internal panel as well as standard bonnet boot and doors. 1950cc engine built to very high specification and developed through UK club racing. The car had a complete re paint in original Tyrolite green (Bare metal) and has an extensive list of parts and extras, see list below.

Although I cannot personally vouch for the speed of this MGA, it’s build quality, attention to detail and expenditure has left no question marks, in the right hands, I believe this MGA is very capable and a relatively inexpensive route into historic motorsport where the hard work and development has been done for you.

For more information or to arrange a test drive, call the garage sales office and ask to speak to Bill Or Jack Rawles on 01420 564343 or out of hours, 07714 008 925

Aluminium undertray fitted to the front

Foam filled fuel tank

Overhauled gearbox (2017)

Alloy radiator and kenlowe fan

Oil Cooler

Adjustable lever arm rear dampers ( Very rare )

Modified split brake system with bias adjustment

Panhard rod


New Gripper LSD unit (2016)

WOSP LMDC40 50 amp Dynator

Micro Dynamics Rev Limiter

Facet Fuel Pump

Filter King Fuel Filter

Kirkey Race seat

Magnecor Leads

New water Pump

SAAB wheels with bespoke ali wheel spacers

600lb front springs

Modified front wishbones to adjust castor

Steering rack relocated to address bump steer.

Odyssey race battery

Hawk blue front pads

M20 MGB rear comp shoes


Can I Buy Phentermine Online Yahoo Answers - Buy Phentermine 2015

Is It Legal To Buy Phentermine Online Australia