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01420 564343

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This Austin Healey 100/4 BN2 is an original UK RHD car. It is offered for sale by us on behalf of a customer. The car is in good condition and has been in use up until early 2015. It has been fitted with a replacement alloy head and drives very well. The vehicle comes with wet weather equipment and is ready to use this summer. If you would like to view this rare model of this Austin Healey 100/4 then please call and ask to speak to Bill Rawles. Offered at £38,000 or near offer

Name  Austin Healey 100-4 BN2

Year of Production 1955 (August) – 1956 (July/August)


The production of the BN2 began in August 1955. The key new mechanical features of the BN2 were the change to a genuine, 4-speed gearbox and wider more efficient front brake drums. The original colour choice for the BN2 was either a single colour or a two tone body. The colour choices were Black, Healey Blue, Old English White, Spruce Green or Carmine Red. In December 1955 Spruce Green and Carmine Red were discontinued and two new colours were introduce, Florida Green and Reno Red.

Buy Yellow Phentermine 30Mg - Phentermine Hydrochloride Online

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