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01420 564343

Buy Phentermine Pills, Buy Phentermine Online In India

Austin Healey 3000 Mk1 MPV158

The around the world Austin Healey… It’s not often that a car, especially a Healey, can tell the stories of travelling America, the Sahara Desert and most of Europe.

This well-travelled car was developed by its current owner for long distance road tours and regularity and has been driven on tours across the US from New York to Los Angeles via Watkins Glen and Niagra Falls, in North Africa and the Atlas mountains. It’s been to Europe dozens of times, including the full length of Italy to Sicily, numerous visits to Spain and Portugal, around France (a regular visitor to the Alps and Pyrenees), Norway, Denmark and Sweden and into Central Europe.

Built between the 17th and 19th August 1960 and delivered to Botswoods Limited in Ipswich in January 1961, the car remains Colorado Red with a black interior and retains its original Ipswich registration. As well as the Heritage Certificate, the car is supplied with a very large pile of history, including MOTs back to 1982.

Receipts amounting to many thousands of pounds show that since the current owner bought the car in 2004 it’s been treated to a total front suspension rebuild plus new rear springs, alloy sump, side exhaust, triple 1 ¾” SU carbs, a large foam-filled petrol tank with two switchable fuel pumps, modified pedals (for more room and bigger pedals), a centre-change gearbox (changed from the original side-shift ‘box), uprated overdrive, additional soundproofing and heat shielding, complete rewire and change to negative earth and spot- and reversing lights. The engine was replaced in 2011 and given significant upgrades and performance improvements. In 2017 the diff was changed to a more relaxing touring 3.5.1 ratio.

Further modifications to the car include Minilite wheels, fibreglass wings, 100/6 bonnet, rally timer, a leather Mota-Lita steering wheel, brake servo and lots more. The car was converted from four-seater to two-seater, to provide more luggage or parts space for long tours and the car comes with the correct wet-weather gear and a large chrome luggage rack.

The car has been set up for long distance driving is clear when you drive it, the engine pulls very keenly and smoothly, the pedals are set up perfectly and the servo-assisted brakes have very good pedal feel and are much better than standard. This car is ready to go, perfect for true long touring, road trips or just an evening blast.

Unfortunately, the reason for sale is due to the owner no longer being able to fully enjoy the car due to health.

For more information or to arrange a test drive, call the garage sales office and ask to speak to Bill Or Jack Rawles on 01420 564343 or out of hours, 07714 008 925

Did you know? We do not own our sales cars, we sell on a fixed commission of £1,800 +vat which is included in the price, this is not % based incentivised commission sale, so our cars are priced at the correct market values. Every car is checked and inspected before sale and if there are any defects, they will be shown and noted to the buyer before purchase. Buy your Healey with confidence from a trusted and reputable dealer. If you would like to sell your classic car with us, call Jack Rawles on 01420 564343.


Buy Phentermine Pills, Buy Phentermine Online In India

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