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Bill Rawles

Founder & Director

With over 30 years of experience in the classic car industry, Bill is strongly at the helm with a wide range of expertise and skills, he is able to direct and manage the team as well as get his hands dirty too. Bill started working life as a press tool maker in the UK before living in Australia for 6 months working at a garage whilst in his early 20’s. After moving back to the UK, Bill opened his first garage specialising in VW Beetles. He then went on to set up and run Rawles Engineering, subsequently Rawles Motorsport. Bill sold the previous company in 2007 with a plan to retire, after countless emails and calls, in 2008 Bill returned to the industry with a new stand alone venture, Bill Rawles Classic Cars. We have NO connection to the previous company, although there is much confusion, once you visit our new workshop, there is no comparison.

Charlie Rawles

Bodyshop Manager

Leaving college and entering straight into the business, Charlie has been working on Healey’s for over 10 years. Charlie is a font of knowledge when it comes to metal work and specialist projects, Charlie manages a small team of engineers on the end to end process of restoring a car and is the perfect link between Bill & Jack in the office and the workshop. Specialist projects Charlie has managed includes a tool room remanufacture of an Austin Healey 100S as well as the restoration of the historical NUE 854 and every bodywork job that comes through the workshop, about 40 projects at any one time. In his spare time, Charlie is building his own aluminium bodied Healey Sprite as well as racing his Mk1 Mazda Mx5 in the UK MX5 Championship.

Jack Rawles

Sales & Motorsport

If you call the office, there’s a good chance you’ll get through to Jack. He looks after the day to day running of the business, general enquiries, sales and motorsport. Jack campaigns various Healey race cars all over Europe, you may have seen his videos on youtube. He started racing in 2013 in the Ginetta junior championship before moving into historic racing and proving how competitive and reliable Bill Rawles Classic Cars prepared machinery really is.

Adrian Cox

Workshop Manager

Adrian has been working as a mechanical engineer officially since the age of 16 but started from a much younger age, with nearly 40 years of experience, Adrian has the knowledge and expertise to manage a team of mechanics. There’s not often a tool Adrian doesn’t have in his 13 foot snap on tool box. Adrian has also owned an Austin Healey 3000 for over 20 years so it gives you great peace of mind that your car is being looked after by someone who is as passionate as you.

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Dan Durham

Now known as 'Dusty Dan', Dan is part of the bodywork and paint preparation team. Dan prepares the bodywork of our cars for Charlie to finalise before paint. Rubbing down is a dusty job, hence the nick name! When he's not perfecting the bodywork, Dan is often working on his MG Midget.

Will Cox

Will assembles and builds the engines you see winning races all over europe, an important member of the team and a qualified mechanic, Will also works alongside Adrian in the workshop fitting up, disassembling and rebuilding cars. when he is not building engines Will can be found driving his Frog Eye Sprite or in the pit lane supporting our race cars.

Tom Hayward

After working with us on a part time basis until Tom completed his motorsport degree, Tom is now with us full time and has an excellent understanding for metal work and producing one off repair sections. Tom also has a very important job, every morning, Tom gives our sales cars the once over to make sure they’re looking great at all times.

Rob McGreggor

Having worked with Bill for over 25 years, Rob is now part time and specialises in building our gearboxes and transmissions. Rob has his own Triumph Dolomite spares business and has two Dolomite race cars which he has campaigned across the UK.

Judy Plumridge

Judy is an important member of the team, she works in the office alongside Jack & Bill and is quick on the phones as well as keeping all of the back office operations ticking along nicely.

Rose Rawles

Meeting Bill in 1987 and starting a family of 3 boys Ollie, Charlie & Jack. Rose started working with Bill in 2000 and was a key member of the business running the accounts, marketing and our much-loved social media pages. - Rose has taken a bit of a back step from day to day running now but is still a hugely important member of the team having played such a big role to build the business alongside Bill. Rose is the glue that holds it all together.

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