Wheels & Tyres

The correct tyre choice, fitting, pressure and balancing is essential for safe and pleasurable motoring.

One problem classic cars have is wheel imbalance especially vehicles running on wire wheels.

Many modern balancing machines are just to sensitive and load the wheels with extra weights to eliminate the lateral imbalance. We have a solution to this via our vehicle balancing machine. This allows us to balance your wheels and tyres on your car hubs thus balancing the rotating assembly as one. The wheel and hub is marked with a small dot to keep the required position when removed for cleaning or mechanical repair. This system is without doubt the best way of eliminating steering and vehicle vibration caused by wheel rotation.

We have a selection of classic tyres in stock and through our extensive network of suppliers we can source and provide tyres of your choice.

Classic Car Maintenance Services

Servicing & MOT

Servicing & MOT

Servicing and annual maintenance is a vital part of classic car ownership, we carry out servicing and inspections for long standing customers every year.