Servicing & MOT

Servicing and annual maintenance is a vital part of classic car ownership.

We carry out servicing and inspections for long standing customers every year even though in some cases the vehicle may have only covered a few hundred miles since its last inspection.

It is essential to keep suspension greased and oils changed, the main problem with older vehicles is short journeys which most classics in the main are used for, the problem is caused by fuel passing by the pistons and contaminating the oil in the sump. This can cause bearing degradation if left for many years while the vehicle clocks up the mileage between services. We recommend changing the oil every year to ensure longevity of the engine and the filter every 3000 miles, or both at the same time if you prefer.

Classic Car Maintenance Services

Wheels & Tyres

Wheels & Tyres

Racing classics for many years has proved how important tyre choice is! Correct pressure and balancing is essential. One problem classic cars have is wheel imbalance especially vehicles running on wire wheels.