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Austin Healey 100S - RLF 500

RLF 500, Just one of 55 Austin Healey 100S' produced, including 5 prototypes/dev/test cars. The 100S' were all replicas of the 1954 Sebring 12 hour car that finished 3rd overall. The first car to feature 4 wheel dunlop disc brakes. All aluminum sub structure and body as well as a specially designed inlet and exhaust system compared to the standard Healey 100, plus many more differences. We have looked after RLF 500 for over 10 years now and have also produced our own re-manufactured 100S.

Austin Healey 3000 - BRX 852B

Sourced and inspected on behalf of a client, we looked after BRX 852B for several years before it was sold to a new owner. BRX 852B is regarded by experts to be an original works car. The car competed in 2 rallies in period. It was prepared in 1964 for the rally season. The 1964 Spa Sofia Liege, driven by Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon, when it retired and the 1964 RAC driven by Timo Makinen and Don Barrow when it came second. BRX has been used in many historic rallying events including the 2001 Classic Marathon, where the car again achieved a good result, finishing 4th overall and 1st in Class - ultimately it has also made an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It is probably the most original of the surviving “Works Healeys” never having been converted into a Modsports racer in the 1970s.

Austin Healey 100S - NOJ 998

This 100S carries the chassis number AHS 3601. It was one of the very limited production batch of 100S models built at the Healey Motor Company Ltd’s AHS 3601 is unique, because it was the only 100S which was completed with black, rather than white, paintwork.
AHS3601 was one of two100S models originally supplied to New Zealand, where it undertook an extensive racing programme until 1967. This 100S came through the workshop for sale and we re located the car to a collector in New Zealand.

Austin Healey 100 'M Spec' - SGC 423

This Healey 100 M spec was in long term ownership of Healey works special test driver Roy Jackson-Moore.
In 1953 Roy was a member of the team of drivers which also included Donald Healey himself, Hollywood film star Jackie Cooper, John Gordon Benett and former World Land Speed record holder George Eyston who set new International and National records from 25 kms to 30 hours at speeds of over 130 mph with Austin-Healey 100S, taken straight from the showroom. As well as many other accolades, Roy also raced alongside carole Shelby in what was to be the last Carrera Panamericana race in 54'

Austin Healey 100 'M Spec' - DNH 828

This very early Healey 100 was raced throughout 53 & 54 seen right of shot at Goodwood. The owner at the time had, an Austin dealership and was able to source M spec parts well before the public and campaigned DNH 828 before selling it on in 53' to purchase EVV, 100S. DNH has been fully restored to it's former glory by the team at Bill Rawles Classic Cars.

Austin Healey 100 - NUE 854

THE first ever RHD Healey 100. This pre-production model was restored by the team at Bill Rawles Classic Cars and subsequently sold on behalf of the owner. The car now resides in a private collection to be enjoyed when the sun is shining.

Austin Healey 100/6 - DG95

This 100/6 had close links to the works as a semi works car during ownership of Don Grimshaw. DG 95 competed in the Monte Carlo, Geneva, East African Safari and Spa-Sofia-Liège. Although the car is maintained by it's current owner, this special Austin Healey has visited for tuning. Notable modifications include vented bonnet, XSP engine which was a 2.9 special test engine from the competitions department and 3000 disc brakes all round.

Austin Healey 100/6-S - XNX 56

Austin Healey 100/6-S, fitted with 4 wheel Dunlop disc brakes from standard. These were fitted to about only 50 of the 100-6 cars in late 1957. The explanation for this is that Dunlop supplied these for fitment to the Austin Healey 100S production racing Healeys. With 50 unused sets remaining, it was decided to offer these on the 100-6 with an additional benefit of such a fitment being the possibility for Healey works to gain homologation papers for competition 100-6 cars as used in the 1957 Mille Miglia.

Austin Healey 3000 FIA - FSL 246

A part of the Rawles family, FSL 246 has been the reason for many weekends away and hours under the bonnet, not to mention our drive to develop the performance and reliability of our Healey's. Having now been circulating for over 20 years, FSL 246 has earned it's place within our hall of fame and runs our latest and fastest components and can often be found leading the pack with either Bill, Jack or Charlie Rawles behind the wheel.

Austin Healey 3000 FIA - 3020 UE

Hand built by Bill Rawles and his team and developed alongside FSL and David Grace, 3020 UE has become widely recognised as one of the worlds fastest FIA Austin Healeys in action today. David Grace, the owner has won multiple classes as well as outright victories behind the wheel.

Austin Healey 3000 FIA - TOX 626

TOX came to us in 2017/8 having been suffering with an unreliable engine. After the 2nd engine failure TOX was brought to the Bill Rawles facility to have it's engine rebuilt. We found that one of the DCOE webers was cracked causing the cylinder to 'go lean'. Since rebuild, this racer has been enjoying it's club racing across the UK.